At the age of 15, MKJ picked up a copy of eJay and started messing around with samples. His love for music was ignited. Soon after, creating his own loops and sounds became a goal. MKJ is a seasoned electronic dance music producer from the United States. Many music taste-makers in the YouTube community have supported him, such as Chill Nation, The Vibe Guide, and Mr.Revillz. Therefore, he has built a diverse fan base over the years on SoundCloud, Spotify and Facebook. The self taught musician, has been able to make music from a different perspective, rather than following current preconceptions or any trends of what music should be. This free mind has been key for MKJ’s unique and diverse musical taste and creation. The monkey believes every song he creates should deliver a message, because through music MKJ tries to touch upon the key subjects of life. The monkey has appeared on radio shows for international DJs such as Bakermat, Sam Feldt and Thomas Jack.